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At PAT Edtech we believe that high quality lifelong learning programmes can improve and expand the skills of current workers, and allow them to receive training whenever needed, to help them change fields or as part of their efforts to improve the quality of their current roles and career advancement.

As part of the PAT ethos – we design, develop, and deliver the most job ready skills-based training – with technology being the enabler for learner performance improvement on a national and international stage. Our partners include The Association of Chartered and Certified Accountants (ACCA) Technological University Dublin and the Association of Compliance Officers in Ireland (ACOI).

PAT learners have become national and global prize winners including first in the world placements. It’s the PATway  –  through PAT Edtech


The PATway

About PAT Edtech.

At PAT Edtech we believe that to have good economic opportunities, learners need access to high-quality education, so they can develop skills that are relevant in the workforce

Much like it did for working from home, COVID-19 showed us what was possible in remote education, skills, and training. Online learning, with an ability to work remotely is a tremendous opportunity to provide, not only learning, but also job opportunities to much broader sectors of our society and economy

At PAT Edtech job-relevant courses in accounting, finance, Fintech, Compliance, Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing continue to be as relevant as ever through online learning.

The PATway

Wall of Fame.

‘Bene, melior, optime’. Be the best you can be.

At some stages in our lives, we all have struggled with exams. Doubting your ability, thinking others were better than you, learning by rote and not understanding, and peer pressure. Professional Accountancy exams are very difficult in their own right, compounded by the competing personal and career demands that may have a big impact on your studies. This is life. But you are not alone.

We have coached thousands of students to realise and actualise their ability, to conquer their fears and to be the best they can be – that no mountain is high enough, no challenge big enough and no exam hard enough for our students to overcome.

You are what you believe, and we now need you to believe in what you are – there are no limits and there are no boundaries to what you can achieve working with us. PAT will guide you, push you, and drive you to the limits that you did not think you could achieve


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Our assessment and testing practice platform replicates the actual computer based examination.

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Professional Exam Replication.

Our assessment and testing practice platform replicates the actual computer based examination.

Any Learning.

Our Platform is designed around the core concepts of teaching and learning.

Traditional 39%
PAT EdTech 75%
Traditional 35%
PAT EdTech 75%
Traditional 51%
PAT EdTech 84%
Traditional 48%
PAT EdTech 69%


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